Working towards an inclusive future

Akido is a care delivery platform headquartered in Los Angeles, California with the mission to ensure our most vulnerable communities thrive.
We believe that deep collaboration with civic leaders coupled with modern data technologies can transform our basic human services infrastructure.

Our Story

Akido was born from the University of Southern California’s Digital Health Lab (D-Health) in 2015. At USC D-Health, we saw that, despite trillions of dollars spent and the best intentions, our healthcare systems fail to meet the complex needs of our county’s most vulnerable populations.

People experiencing homelessness are continually ending up in emergency departments instead of receiving preventive care. Families continue to face financial hardship as a result of a loved one's chronic illness. Our poorest citizens are continuously and disproportionately affected by disasters. 

We saw the potential for rapidly advancing data and digital technologies to transform our health system—delivering on a promise of comprehensive care that helps citizens prevent problems from becoming chronic nightmares. So our founders set out to gather the best minds in technology, public health, and medicine to launch Akido.

Today, Akido works with leading healthcare and government organizations across the country towards eliminating health inequalities.

Reach us

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