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Rapid and equitable vaccinations in the state of Delaware

Akido teamed up with Delaware’s largest health system to vaccinate Delaware residents amid growing uncertainty around vaccination distribution.

Patients vaccinated

Patients vaccinated through the Akido and ChristianaCare program.

Daily vaccine capacity

Daily vaccines administered was significantly higher than the national average.

One of the largest health care providers in the mid-Atlantic region faced the prospect of a population-wide vaccine rollout at the tail end of a costly battle of preventative measures, testing, and care. Layered on top of this already complex scenario were unpredictable variations in vaccine supply, a mandate for 100% delivery of all doses received, and limits in technical shot-giving expertise

In partnership with Akido, the health system partnered with Akido to coordinate outreach, scheduling, and dose administration while widening the breadth of the system’s efforts.  Clinics welcomed up to eight times the daily patient volume compared to the national average, helping Delaware achieve higher vaccination rates than neighboring states. 

The partnership was also charged with addressing the harsh reality of mass vaccination: centralized rollouts are inherently geared to those with transportation, internet access, and English fluency. Platform analytics served as a spotlight, illuminating wide swaths of a recipient population where seniors, non-drivers, non-english speakers, and low-income citizens seek vaccine equity.

COVID-19 vaccination is an illustrative example of how health inequity affects the entire population -- herd immunity is not possible if only our economically fortunate citizens receive vaccines.  Akido is proud to partner on an initiative that showcases how equity and efficiency can go hand-in-hand.

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