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Stopping the spread of COVID-19 misinformation

We joined forces with prominent Southern California healthcare providers to help our most vulnerable communities protect themselves from the spread of COVID-19.

People reached

Personalized guidance provided to >500K people at the onset of the pandemic.

The history of the COVID-19 pandemic will record this sad fact: providing tangible medical resources was not enough.

In 2020, twin plagues of disease and disinformation created a lethal storm in minority communities across the United States. Age-adjusted mortality data clearly shows that Pacific Islander, Latino, Indigenous and Black American communities experienced death rates of double or more in comparison to White and Asian Americans. Even when local health systems were not overwhelmed with hospitalizations, the American public health network struggled to win the trust of many.

Already underserved by medical resources and underrepresented on the rolls of insurance providers, these communities faced disproportionate vulnerability when exposed to misinformation. 

In response,  Akido partnered with Alta Med, one of the largest community health systems in Los Angeles County, and the Gehr Center of USC, a leading academic research group, to formulate and implement a plan to inform Southern California’s most vulnerable demographics. 

The Akido Platform-powered collaboration delivered critical information to primarily African-American and Latinx populations, presenting community members with facts and connecting them with trusted healthcare providers regardless of insurance or citizen status. 

Within the critical opening ninety days of the pandemic, Akido’s accessible self-triage tool shared simple protocols for quarantine and, when appropriate, guided them to local testing sites, reaching nearly 500,000 people.

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