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What is Akido?

Akido is the easiest and safest way to integrate new software into healthcare provider systems. If you’re a developer, integrate once with our modern API and our platform handles the time consuming, expensive, and custom process of integrating with each of your provider customers. If you’re a provider, we integrate with your system (no matter how custom) and forever eliminate integration costs associated with implementing new software.

We want to unlock fast, safe, health IT innovation

Digital health developers should be focused on solving problems instead of navigating political and technological red tape. This is no mean feat, as there needs to be a very high bar for safety when accessing health data. Security and patient privacy need to be baked in to every choice a hospital makes. However, this shouldn’t prevent us from leveraging technological innovation to improve the quality and efficiency of healthcare. It just means that we have to do it with utmost care.

Some builders’ inspiration (simple yet powerful Akido API demos)

Pull Abnormal Patient Results Over Last 24 Hrs

If you’re a practitioner, you can pull all the abnormal patient results in the last 24hrs like this. You’re looking at less than 10 lines of code!

#!/usr/bin/python<br />
import urllib, json,time<br />
url="https://testhospital.api.akidolabs.com?_format=json&issued=>" + str(time.time() - 24*60*60)<br />
response = urllib.urlopen(url);<br />
data = json.loads(response)<br />
for result in data:<br />
  if data["interpretation"]["coding"][0]["code"] != "N":<br />
    print "Patient " + data["subject"]["display"] + " had value " + str(data["valueQuantity"]["value"])<br />

Message Practitioner Upon Abnormal Lab Result

This is a simple app that would poll the electronic medical records system every hour and send an SMS to the practitioner if there was anything amiss. Besides comments and instantiating variables, you’re looking at 10 lines of code.

(Note that to send messages with patient information, you would want to use a secure messaging product like TigerText instead of Twilio to maintain HIPAA compliance.)

import urllib<br />
import json<br />
import time<br />
from twilio.rest import TwilioRestClient</p>
<p># Twilio info<br />
account_sid = "ACda2817bd10290bff2a66021d6204c94a"<br />
auth_token  = "<SECRET DATA>"<br />
from_phone = "+13107517490"<br />
to_phone = "+18182937524"<br />
client = TwilioRestClient(account_sid, auth_token)</p>
<p># How far back we want to look for results<br />
start_time = str(time.time() - 60 * 60) # An hour ago<br />
# Practioner to fetch labs for<br />
practioner_id = 259386<br />
# URL to fetch lab results from<br />
url="".join(["https://api.akidolabs.com?_format=json&preformer=",<br />
      practioner_id, "&issued=>", start_time])<br />
results = json.loads(urllib.urlopen(url));</p>
<p># Loop through all results in the past hour to see if they are normal or not<br />
for result in results:<br />
  if data["interpretation"]["coding"][0]["code"] != "N":<br />
    # if the result is abnormal, send a text message to alert the ordering practioner<br />
    message = client.messages.create(body="Abnormal lab detected for one of your patients.",<br />
    to=to_phone,    # Replace with your phone number<br />
    from_=from_phone) # Replace with your Twilio number<br />
    break # We only need to do this once per result set<br />

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