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We’re currently expanding our team and looking for qualified, experienced, and ambitious individuals who are interested in changing the face of healthcare.
If you feel you are qualified and interested in joining our team, please apply here.

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Open Positions

Software Engineer

As a software engineer you are developing solutions for some of the world’s most pressing problems. Whether you’re working on or on-top-of the Akido platform, your energy is spent modernizing the way health systems and other large organizations work with data to solve strategic problems, helping to propel these archaic industries in the data-driven world. Tech stack expertise in React/React Native, Ruby on Rails, Java, Hibernate, and PostgreSQL will enable you to hit the ground running.

Account Executive

Account executive serves as the direct link between the Akido and our extensive network of enterprise and government client, managing day-to-day affairs, ensuring customer satisfaction and leading the expansion of engagements.

Akido Forward Deploy

Akido Forward Deploys (AFDs) are Product Managers plus. You will tackle our society’s toughest problems by designing and implementing end-to-end solutions to address them. AFDs lead our team and customers through the full lifecycle of strategic engagements: discovery > solution design and development > implementation > drive success.

Business Development Manager

As a Business Development Manager, you will identify and foster new business relationships. This involves identifying trendsetter ideas, locating and proposing potential business deals by contacting potential partners, discovering and exploring opportunities as well as screening potential business deals by analyzing market strategies, deal requirements and financials.

Customer Success Manager

As a Customer Success Manager, you will be responsible for the overall health and happiness of Akido customers. You will be expected to proactively reach out to customers (often spending time onsite with their teams), work to identify upsell opportunities and work closely with Akido Product team to improve our product offering.

Director of Public Relations

As Director of PR, you will conceptualize and implement strategic public relations initiatives for Akido’s various engagements. The job involves keeping several balls in the air, including building relationships with key media, coordinating interviews and Akido hosted/affiliated events. Other duties include composing press releases and newsletters and assisting with the planning of various marketing programs.